Is Opposing Common Core Fighting for Freedom or Seeing a Bogeyman?

By Elois Zeanah
Alabama Senator Bill Holzclaw disagrees with the entire Republican establishment (from the national to the state/local levels) and votes with Democrats on Common Core. He accuses his Republican family, tea parties, church-affiliated organizations and other groups which oppose Common Core, of seeing a “bogeyman”.
When a state board of education gives away its right to determine Alabama’s standards and assessments, which guide curriculum, to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., and MUST FOLLOW COMMON CORE DICTATES 100% and cannot change a word, or delete or substitute any of its elements, and the state board of education agrees to that — is this seeing a “bogeyman”?
When the SBOE agrees to adopt Common Core standards sight unseen in the hope of receiving federal $$$ and in return agree to blindly follow copyright standards of lobbyist organizations (NGA/CCSSO), which haven’t been written yet and which can’t be changed by us — is this seeing a “bogeyman”?

When we counter false arguments the Alabama state superintendent is dishing out to legislators, and give documentation that’s irrefutable – is this seeing a bogeyman?

It’s frustrating and puzzling to understand why Senator Holzclaw, whom I admire and know to be a highly intelligent man and patriot, puts his trust in one man, whom we know to be misleading legislators, who kept legislators in the dark when the state board of education adopted Common Core yet committed the legislature to pay for it (hundreds of millions of dollars) and who has misappropriated over fifty million dollars the legislature approved for one education purpose to pay for another purpose (Common Core) without the knowledge or authorization of the legislature. 

Those of us who are fighting to repeal Common Core put our faith in our research and those who put individual freedoms and state sovereignty over special interests.  Why would legislators put their faith in Superintendent of State Tommy Bice, who is a lobbyist for CCSSO, which received tens of millions of dollars to lobby for Common Core, and has been running roughshod over the Alabama legislature for some time now?

Instead of insulting Alabamians who are working hard to get him to do his job of legislative oversight, Senator Holzclaw should hold Dr. Bice accountable and repeal Common Core to un-lace the “straitjacket on academic freedom” (as the RNC Resolution puts it) in Alabama. 

Once Common Core is repealed, if Senator Holzclaw prefers Common Core over Alabama’s previous standards (which were rated as good as Common Core), then he can lead the way to adopt them without the straitjacket of answering to the feds and lobbyist organizations, without giving decisions of what our children will learn to others outside our state, and without giving up parental control and education freedom under the Tenth AmendmentLet’s set our own standards and answer only to Alabama parents and taxpayers.

I will warn the Senator, though, if he chooses Common Core even without the straitjacket of mandatory compliance to the two trade associations which hold the copyright, and without the straitjacket of reporting to the federal government, he will choose standards that  education experts have documented will put U.S. students two years behind their peers in countries which have the best education standards.  Why not repeal Common Core, revert back to our previous standards which were rated as good as Common Core but consider strengthening them by modeling one or more of the six states that have superior standards to Common Core? 

Why settle for “common” when we don’t have to, and why give away parental and state control over what our children learn of our own free will?   The federal government takes enough of our personal freedoms by force.  Why voluntarily give them more?

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