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Is Obama Leading America Toward a Venezuelan-Style Democracy?

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

By Elois Zeanah

 “We can’t wait” is a phrase we hear often from President Obama  when Congress won’t fall in line with his agenda. Obama uses the  excuse “we can’t wait” to end-run Congress, Courts and the Constitution through regulations, executive orders and other arbitrary actions. 

What about the Constitution’s separation of powers and checks and balances, did you ask?  When has that stopped this president, who appointed czars, 45 total to date according to Judicial Watch, which are unconstitutional at the outset?   

President Obama makes it clear from his statements and actions that he believes our American system of government, created and protected by our Constitution, is obsolete and needs to be redesigned.  He has surrounded himself with czars who are socialists, Marxists, Communists, and admirers of Hugo Chavez, to help him get around what he sees as barriers within the Constitution to an imperial presidency.  Is Obama leading America toward a Venezuelan-style democracy?

Similarities Between What Obama is Doing and What Hugo Chavez Does

  • Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez “constantly attacks the moneyed classes charging them with creating that nation’s problems.” 
    • Obama argues “that the moneyed classes of Wall Street have created the financial crisis through greed and fraud”[i] and plays the class warfare card.
  • The Venezuelan-style economic model is based on statist-driven crony capitalism.[ii]
    • Obama’s administration makes “relentless attempts to inculcate the practices” of this model.[iii]
    • Obama is using regulations to crush free enterprise through regulations as political favors to unions and environmental groups and to expand the powers of the presidency. (Examples are enormous and some are covered in upcoming articles regarding the abuses of the Environmental Protection Agency, National Labor Relations Boards, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, etc.)
  • The political and economic model developed by Venezuelan President Chavez “concentrated power in the hands of the executive, curtailed the independence of the judiciary, [and] show[ed] limited tolerance for domestic critics….”[iv] 
    • President Obama is using czars to create a shadow government within the executive branch completely outside the framework of the Constitution.
    • President Obama is attempting a government takeover of the healthcare, energy and education sectors to create central-government planning.
    • President Obama closed thousands of private automobile dealerships without payment of any sort and demanded that they turn over their assets and customer lists to competitors via General Motors, which was characterized as “gangster government”.[v] 
  • President Obama wants courts to break free from Constitutional constraints to interpret laws and, instead, to make laws by venturing into issues of redistribution of wealth; and political, economic, and social justice.   
  • President Obama repeatedly shows limited tolerance for domestic critics and uses intimidation and harassment tactics to silence private businesses, Legislators, conservative cable TV and radio talk show hosts, and ordinary citizens.

By his behavior, President Obama seems to think he can imitate President Hugo Chavez’s charisma and make revolutionary changes to the Constitution by ignoring it, by silencing critics, by federal takeovers of private sectors of the economy, by increasingly taking on dictatorial powers and stifling the judiciary and the press in the process[vi], and by redistribution of wealth and expanding the base of Americans who depend on government handouts.  After all, Chavez received 58% of the vote in a national referendum, mostly from making poor people dependent on government. 

Can Obama expand the base of Americans who depend on government handouts and convince enough people to give up more freedoms in return to ensure his re-election?  President Obama continues to excuse his violations of the Constitution by his slogan, “We can’t wait.”  Some say, “Yes, we can!”

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