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Illegal Immigration is an Economic and Moral Issue, Not a Racist Issue

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

By Elois Zeanah

Why would President Obama push amnesty when debt is on a disastrous path?  Amnesty would cost taxpayers an additional $1 trillion dollars every year forevermore, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.  Currently, illegal immigration costs taxpayers $113 billion yearly.  We’re broke! Taxpayers cannot afford more taxes.  Yet protests to this preposterous timing will in all likelihood be called “racist”.

Opposition to illegal immigration is an economic and moral issue, not a racist issue.  Illegal immigration contributes mightily to the financial crises in education, entitlement programs, healthcare, and deficits.  It is immoral to further harm our financial future, and to continue to steal from our children money they haven’t yet earned.  Amnesty would do this.

Fixing the illegal immigration problem can be done through attrition in three steps: (1)  Secure the border.  (2) Remove the jobs magnet by requiring employers to use a free, fast and accurate Internet program (E-Verify) that was designed to crack down on unscrupulous employers.   (3) Remove the welfare magnet by passing U.S. House Bill 140 to end automatic birthright citizenship for children born to non-citizens.

It is immoral that U.S. birthright citizenship can be “sold”, “stolen”, or “traded”.  Foreigners can buy U.S. citizenship for their children for the price of a ticket to the U.S. or get it free by stealing over the border. Politicians could easily fix this problem.   But unfortunately politicians often trade our most cherished birthright, citizenship, for votes, campaign contributions and power.

Obama’s “Order to Kill” Bin Laden is Equivalent to Smashing a Champagne Bottle Against a Ship He didn’t Build or Sail

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

By Elois Zeanah 

President Obama ended enhanced interrogation that helped make finding Usama bin Laden possible, calling harsh questioning “torture”.  Sigh.  These same techniques, including waterboarding, are called “training” for our own U.S. Military.

Obama renamed “War on Terror” to “Manmade Disasters”.  Sigh.  Some sissies just can’t stomach what war is about; even the word “terror” horrifies them. 

Obama wants to punish U.S. interrogators who helped convince terrorists to spill the beans on their Al Qaida pals, and reopened an old file to do it.  Sigh.  Jihadists are brave enough to blow themselves up to kill innocent Americans, brave enough to behead innocent American journalists, but please spare them a few drops of water down their noses.  Instead, call out the goon squads to punish those who kept the USA safe for the past seven years!  

Usama Bin Laden’s execution at the hands of our U.S. Military was made possible by GITMO (which Obama’s first Executive Order was to close), and leads as a result of surveillance techniques and enhanced interrogation (which Obama and Democrats oppose).  Columnist David Brooks called the “Obama Doctrine” as “leading from the back”.  Oh, yes, we all remember where that phrase came from – Nelson Mandela.  This is a community-organizing-type leadership that describes the goal and delegates the work.  The downside of this model is the zig-zag of false starts and initiatives that are downright destructive to reach endgame.  This is not how the Most Wanted on the FBI list was hunted down.

While Obama has no problem taking credit for one single decision to let brave soldiers pull the trigger on bin Laden, he has a real problem with acknowledging that he was wrong to criticize the “Bush Doctrine”, and wrong to prosecute civil servants who created and conducted the enhanced interrogation that now allows him to do victory laps around the country for killing bin Laden.

Did Obama really exhibit bold leadership when his CIA Director Leon Panetta leaned on him to give the kill order?  Sigh.  Obama knew that if he did not give that order, it would leak and his timid, scaredy-cat reflex would boomerang and bring sure political death.  Does saving your own political neck and smashing a bottle of champagne against a ship that you didn’t sail, or build, bold? I say not!  Stop the Victory Dance!  Take real bold action and stop the outrage to go after people who deserve the real credit for finding and killing bin Laden!  Show bravery by reversing commands to go soft on terrorists!  Keep America safe so we will have another opportunity to rejoice the killing of the next Most Wanted Terrorist with chants of ‘USA!  USA!”