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HEALTH CARE VOTE SLAYS CONVENTIONAL WISDOM: Why the President and Progressive Democrats Welcome Perishing Congressional Majorities

Monday, March 15th, 2010

By Elois Zeanah

 Why would President Obama and House Speaker Pelosi pressure Dems to fall on their political swords for Obamacare?   This slays conventional wisdom.  After all, power belongs to the Party who controls the most votes.   Is it possible that Democrats can gain more power by taking over healthcare than by controlling Congress?  Consider:

President Obama bets all his political chips to forcibly persuade fellow Democrats to smother reelection chances and die a political death for a greater cause.  At Obama’s flank is Speaker Pelosi who whips her charges into battle:  Pay not attention to polls, she commands, but lay down your political future to pass Obamacare. 

 To show how incredulous the campaign has become, Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stalks a House Representative naked into a shower stall, and stabs a threatening finger into his exposed chest.  In addition to threats and intimidation, government largesse is used to bribe legislators who refuse to otherwise vote for a bill they know will significantly harm the nation’s economy and hurt the best health care system in the world.  Both the President and House Speaker have an unmistakable message:  The fight to take over healthcare is far more important than any person or any election. 

 Why is takeover of healthcare more important to Democrat political operatives than keeping House and Senate majorities?  Maybe it’s because the voters get it, and Democrats want to steal from voters their right to decide the future of their country.  Democrats are on the cusp of achieving a lifelong goal to seize new powers over the life, liberty and limb of every American and concentrate that power in the hands of government and a powerful president. 

 Obama and Pelosi thought they could trick voters.  Now they know they can’t.  Voters have seen through their smoky battle rhetoric.  Voters know that Obamacare will increase insurance costs, decrease quality of care, raise taxes, expand entitlements, and harm the economy. 

Why is the risk of losing majorities in the House and Senate worth it?  Takeover of health care will give President Obama the structure and the power to use his czars and other appointees to make sweeping regulations to go around congress and the constitution and to control individual lives in ways thought unthinkable.


Monday, March 8th, 2010

By Elois Zeanah

Ah, the blessings of free enterprise!  Once again innovation American style sprints its Olympic mettle over sluggish disincentives of taxation, regulation and government takeovers when it comes to cleaning up environment pollution and creating green jobs. 
     To build a great green machine in America, Obamanomics would destroy American enterprise and jobs through proposed cap-and-trade taxes.  Americanomics, on the other hand, allows innovators to take risks and fund their own ideas with their own money to solve environmental problems and create jobs.  Take the latest discovery of how to use the environmental pollution byproduct of coal-burning plants to “make coal the cleanest, cheapest energy source by turning its carbon-dioxide emissions into bricks to build” houses.[1]  This invention promises clean technology and new jobs. 
      Obamonomics would use big government to bully and close down coal-burning plants, force Americans to import more foreign energy and pay more for it.  Americanomics allows inventors to risk their own capital to wean America off foreign energy sources, capitalize American natural resources and keep jobs in America.
      President Obama needs to use this example and others to lead our nation out of the recession and stop bullying free markets.  Can Obama change?  Or is ideology more important?  So far his track record to fix what ails America, including destroying the best health care system in the world, suggests the latter. 

[1] “Dreaming the possible dream” by Columnist Thomas Friedman, March 8, 2010