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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

 As 2009 fades into a new year, we Americans find ourselves loaded with presents from rich ol’ Uncle Sam.  Gifts galore spoil us rotten.  Government lifts the burden of accountability from our shoulders and spares us the trials of personal responsibility.  Why worry?  Uncle Sam is there to take care of us.  Why do difficult tasks like work hard, build character, and fight for freedom and uphold principles that founded America?  Uncle Sam has more politicians than Santa has elves to make life easy.  So forget about doing what’s right.  Forget about being stigmatized by societal norms.  Get on the dole.  Taking gifts from government has a lure of its own and as government convinces more people to line up to take free gifts, the more acceptable and widespread the freeloading practice becomes.  

 Government gifts make former anti-social behaviour commonplace – to the detriment of society and the government’s fiscal purse.

 Government encourages teenagers to have children out of wedlock.  This was once frowned upon.  This is not good for children and it’s not good for society.  But government replaced personal responsibility with so-called compassion and charity and heaped gifts upon miscreant girls for wrongful actions.  Out-of-wedlock births gradually became socially acceptable and society’s responsibility.  Having a child out of wedlock has become a way for teenagers and high school dropouts to get on welfare and stay on welfare for life.  The result:  More illegitimate births.  More single-parent families. More poverty.  More crime.  More tax dollars funneled to enable this vicious cycle.  More government budget deficits.

Another result is that illegal alien teenagers have learned that they, too, will be rewarded for having children out of wedlock if born in the U.S.  They can also get on welfare immediately and stay on welfare for life.  And, as unbelievable as it is, illegal aliens can also avoid being deported and even attain citizenship by having a child born in the U.S. out of wedlock.  More gifts from government!  More government deficits.

Government condones illegal immigration and winks at citizens who aid and abet those who break the law.  This crime is considered compassion and charity to the extent that laws no longer rule.  The rule of law was once king.  Now laws are used as chips to broker something for personal advantage – usually cheap labor, more votes, or more church members.  Politicians use non-enforcement of immigration laws as gifts to campaign contributors.  Gifts from government weaken the fabric of society, strain public coffers, and spread the circle of corruption to engulf those who make the laws.

 Selling votes for favors no longer brings disgrace.  Just like having children out of wedlock and non-enforcement of immigration laws, vote-buying on the floors of legislatures  is commonplace.  Legislators sell their votes to buy gifts for their constitutents to buy re-election.  U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently stated in connection with the health care debate that if U.S. Representatives don’t get in on the spree of selling votes, then those representatives should be shamed.  This is not good for the country.  It encourages and enables corrupt government.  And this practice of pork costs taxpayers precious dollars and rings up trillions in deficits.

 Government “gifts” have corrupted citizens and politicians

 Good government for one and for all was once the goal of the federal government. Today, the rules of the game are not to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and to base decisions on what is good for the general welfare.  Instead, a good politician is seen as one who can game the system and sell the public a lie as the truth and escape accountability. 

No more presents, please!

  All these gifts from Uncle Sam to buy our dependence and in return to overlook government corruption leads to an attitude similar to the Stockholm Syndrome.  But the corruption runs deeper.  Government deals in deceit:  Uncle Sam puts these so-called “gifts” on our credit card.  We not only pay for them, we pay compound interest.  

Please, Uncle Sam, no more presents!  Let us stand on our own feet and fight for ourselves and each other and what’s good for our country!   And, Uncle Sam, it’s time that you understood that you are not the rich uncle you pretend, but a freeloading pauper who steals every dime you spend.  It’s time you took personal responsibility for your actions and stopped taking our treasure without our permission and bankrupting us.  That would usher 2010 in as a Happy New Year!