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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

Action Alert:  Contact Your U.S. Representatives Immediately

 The Obama Administration is using the 2010 census to give back-door amnesty to illegal immigrants to grab more power for Democrats in future elections.  This will further dismantle the U.S. Constitution and erode Voting Rights.  The only way to stop the President and Congress from this unconstitutional act is to contact our U.S. Representatives and ask them to vote for the David Vitter/Robert Bennett Census Amendment. This amendment was made to the FY2010 CJS (Commerce, Justice, Science) appropriations bill.  It would require the Census to include questions about citizenship and immigration status.   A vote is imminent.

The 2010 U.S. Census will count illegal immigrants as U.S. Citizens for the first time ever.  Unless Conservatives stop this, Liberals will use the 2010 U.S. Census to erase checks and balances that were put in place to keep elections honest.  Voter fraud committed to steal elections has already become a problem in many states.  If the U.S. Census is politicized in 2010, counting illegal immigrants will set precedent and forevermore skew the results of the Census, which in turn will impact elections.  

How does the Census Impact Elections?  The Census is used to:

  • Apportion seats in Congress.  Population determines the number of Congressional seats a state gets.  States with higher illegal immigration such as California and New York (which incidentally are “sanctuary cities” in violation of federal immigration law and teetering on bankruptcy) will get more Congressional seats and states with fewer illegal immigrants will lose Congressional seats. Counting illegal aliens in the 2010 U.S. Census will reward states that encourage illegal immigration and punish states that have not followed the law.
  • Distribute federal funds to states.  Federal funds (tax-dollars received from states) are allocated based on population. These funds amount to approximately $400 billion every year.  States that have more illegal aliens will get the lion’s share of federal dollars while states with fewer illegal immigrants will be denied their fair share.
  • Determine the number of votes states get for the Electoral College that elects the President of the United States.  States with higher illegal immigration will determine who becomes President.  

Conservatives must act now to keep Liberal Democrats from seizing illegitimate power by politicizing the non-partisan Census Liberals want amnesty because most illegal immigrants, due to their education and job skills, are poor.  If they have children born in the United States, and seventy-five percent do, illegal aliens automatically become eligible for tax-subsidized programs – the same as poor U.S. citizens.  Thus the cost of entitlement programs and fiscal deficits continue to skyrocket.  Studies show that illegal and legal Mexican households receive more welfare than U.S. citizens and consume more government benefits than they pay in taxes.  So why would Democrats encourage illegal immigration and amnesty?   Because, if given citizenship, illegal aliens would add to Democrat voting blocs. 

The Democrat Congress has already included loopholes in the Stimulus bill, S-CHIP, and the health care reform bill so that illegal immigrants can qualify for jobs and benefits.  This encourages more illegal immigration and further strains federal, state and local budgets. 

Democrats plan to use the Census to strengthen their stranglehold on power.   If illegal aliens are counted as U.S. citizens in the Census, this will further integrate illegal immigrants into the fabric of American culture and influence political outcomes.  Democrats know the majority of Americans oppose amnesty and that U.S. citizens want fiscal responsibility and deficits rolled back.  Democrats know that amnesty will push deficits higher.   Yet the President and Congress care more about perpetuating power than protecting our country from financial collapse.  This is not a time to import more poverty and expand entitlement programs.  This is a time to roll back spending and cut deficits.

It is urgent to stop backdoor amnesty!   Call your U.S. Representatives today, and ask them to vote for the Vitter Amendment and protect the integrity of the Census.