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HB3200 VIOLATES YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY: The Good News is that it Expands Business for the IRS and the “Repo Man” and Creates New Jobs

Friday, August 28th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

BEWARE:  Government can grab your bank account, your car, even put a lien on your home.  You thought an IRS audit was as scary as it gets?  It will no longer be just your tax filing that the roving eyes of the IRS can access.  It’s your bank accounts, both checking and savings; it’s the worth of your house and how much the government can take if a lien is needed to pay the government for your share of health care.  The government can even seize your car. 

Ah, yes, the “Repo Man” will have a new client:  The U.S. Government, dear ol’ Uncle Sam himself.  After all, these economic times scream for ways to create jobs, and the health care bill could boost the economy big time.  Repossession companies will no longer have to look to just banks, auto dealerships and loan agencies for work.   Big Government rides to the rescue again.  If ObamaCare (or maybe it will now be called KennedyCare) passes, you will be forced to buy insurance one way or another.  The IRS and the “Repo Man” will collect every last dime you owe government to take care of you.  You may hide from other debtors but there’s no hiding from the government.    

Privacy is Passé Under HB3200 

If you think your rights to privacy are protected by the U.S. Constitution, my advice is:  “Get over it!”  Here’s how government plans to take your liberties and invade your privacy.  (This is just a few ways; more will be revealed in future articles.) 

Financial and Health Records can be Viewed by Thousands of Bureaucrats  

  • Section 431(a):  “The IRS must divulge taxpayer identity information, including the filing status, the modified adjusted gross income, the number of dependents, and ‘other information prescribed by’ regulation.  That information will be provided to the new Health Choices Commissioner and state health programs and used to determine who qualifies for ‘affordability credits.’”[1]
  • Section 245(b)(2)(A):  “The IRS must divulge tax return details – there’s no specified limit on what’s available or unavailable – to the Health Choices Commissioner.  The purpose is to verify “affordability credits.”[2]
  • Section 1801(a):  “The Social Security Administration can obtain tax return data on anyone who may be eligible for a ‘low-income prescription drug subsidy’ but has not applied for it.”[3]  They’ll check to see whether you qualify by getting your tax data.

Thousands of government employees can assess your records.  “The privacy of your health records will be only as good as the most nosy, most dishonest and most malcontented federal employee….So say good-bye to privacy from the federal government.  It was fun while it lasted for 233 years.”[4]   

And, by the way, remember that $700 billion Stimulus Bill that was rushed through before the public or the people who voted on it could read it?  This “emergency” bill “mandated the ‘utilization of an electronic health record for each person in the United States by 2014,’ but included only limited privacy protections.”[5]  

It’s logical, is it not, that the government needs to overrun your liberties and your individual privacy to make sure that you’re not frauding the government out of it’s just due to provide you health care?  The only way to know you’re not abusing your new entitlement to health care is to protect society from you. 

The Electronic Privacy Information Center opposes this invasion into our personal lives and violation of our right to privacy.  Marc Rotenberg writes:  “We would oppose section 431(a) of the bill because it violates the intent of the Privacy Act which generally requires agencies to obtain information directly from individuals and not from other agencies.”   Should you get your Members of Congress onboard as well?  Or does it really matter who knows the most intimate details of our financial and health records?  After all, Uncle Sam loves us all so very much, he wants to take good care of us; and that means we have to give up something to Uncle Sam in return so he can control our affairs.

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ILLEGAL ALIENS: Can Non-Citizens Receive Health Care Under HB3200 OR Is This Claim Uninformed Rabble?

Friday, August 28th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

Illegal aliens can receive benefits under the proposed bill.  The Congressional Research Service (CRS), the “research arm” for the United States Congress, issued a report titled “Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200 that confirms: 



  • “H.R. 3200 does not prevent non-citizens, whether they’re present in the U.S. legally or illegally, permanently or temporarily – from receiving health care benefits under the proposed plan.
  • Illegal aliens can also receive taxpayer subsidies for their health care – whether they choose government insurance or private insurance.
  • Loopholes in the bill are so gaping that even Mexican and Canadian citizens could participate in the health insurance exchange.

The CRS specifically cited the absence in the bill requiring that immigrants be “verified” as in the country legally before receiving health care insurance.  Because the language is so ambiguous, the CRS concluded that the Health Choices Commissioner would decide who was eligible under the plan.  This bureaucrat will, of course, interpret the vague wording according to the wishes of those who appointed him. 

What is the Intent of the President and Congress? 

“These loopholes were deliberate and intended to extend benefits to illegal aliens, while allowing Members of Congress to deny those facts to the American people,” stated Dan Stein, President of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform).


  • An amendment to the House Ways & Means Committee bill to bar illegal aliens from enrolling in the proposed public option or receiving the “affordable credits” toward private insurance was voted down.  The amendment by Rep. Dean Heller (R-Nevada) to apply the same eligibility verification procedures that are now used for Medicaid to prove citizenship was voted down on a party-line vote.  This system is the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) system.
  • Amnesty groups have expressed pleasure at the wording and have stated that the bill allows illegal aliens to receive health care benefits.

Fact or Uniformed Rabble? 

Stein stated:  “For the past month, irate citizens, concerned that their tax dollars will be used to fund health care for illegal aliens, have been unfairly portrayed as uninformed rabble by their elected representatives and a host of media organizations.  It’s time for the politicians to close the loopholes, and for the media establishment to acknowledge that they got it wrong.” 

The Congressional “research arm” has spoken:  Illegal aliens can receive benefits under the bill.   Citizens, once again, have proven they aren’t duped by ambiguous language that gives the President, Congress, and the media deniability, and by attempts of politicians to blatantly mislead U.S. citizens of their intent!

SENIORS: Will Government Become the “Grim Reaper?”

Friday, August 28th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

Controversy has erupted over what House Bill 3200 says about end-of-life counseling.  Can Section 1233 be interpreted to mean “death panels”?  And what about rationing?  Will rationing by bureaucrats to save costs, to be blunt, result in government becoming the “Grim Reaper?” 

Section 1233 is not as benign as the President pretends, according to Dr. Charles Krauthammer, who stated:  “This offers government reimbursement to any doctor who gives end-of-life counseling – whether or not the patient asked for it.  [The purpose] is to create an incentive for such a chat.” 

Krauthammer goes on to say that Section 1233 “is subtle pressure applied by society through your doctor.  And when you include it in a health-care reform whose major objective is to bend the cost curve downward, you have to be a fool or a knave to deny that it’s intended to gently point you in a certain direction, toward the corner of the sick room where stands a ghostly figure, scythe in hand, offering release.”[1]

What does Obama’s Health Adviser Say?   

Let’s take President Obama at his word.  He asked the American public to judge who he is by the people he chooses as his friends and appoints as his advisers.  This is not very comforting!  His health adviser, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, has written statements as a bioethicist, that will make a senior’s heart flutter.  For starters, Dr. Eamnuel “blames the Hippocratic Oath for the ‘overuse’ of medical care.[2]

Who should get medical care?  Who should decide?  Whose life is worth saving?

“The health bills being pushed through Congress put important decisions in the hands of presidential appointees like Dr. Emanuel.  They will decide what insurance plans cover, how much leeway your doctor will have, and what seniors get under Medicare.”[3]  Dr. Emanuel has been appointed by President Obama to two key health care positions:  health-policy adviser and the Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research.  What he thinks will heavily influence health policy.  Here’s a sampling of what Dr. Ezekiel believes, based on his personal statements:

  • Health reform will not be pain free.
  • Doctors’ ethical obligations must be redefined.
  • Patients’ needs must be balanced with what’s good for society.
  • Medical students should be trained to emphasize “socially sustainable, cost-effective care.”
  • Scarce medical resources must be carefully allocated.
  • Decisions about patient care cannot focus on only the worth of the individual.
  • Age and productivity should guide medical decisions.
  • “Individuals aged roughly 15 and 40 years” should be given priority over younger and older patients.
  • Allocating medical services by age is not discriminatory.
  • The U.S. should erect “a decision-making body similar to the United Kingdom’s rationing body – the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) – to slow the adoption of new medications and set limits on how much will be paid to lengthen a life.”

Do these beliefs make you feel better about rationing and end-of-life counseling intended by House Bill 3200?  If Dr. Emanuel is in charge of your medical treatment and if you have cancer, for example, your chances for survival based on best-practices medicine will plummet.   

The U.S. is rated No. 1 out of 191 countries for responsiveness and giving individual patients choice. 

This will change if Dr. Emanuel has control of your health care insurance.  “Dr. Emanuel has fought for a government takeover of health care for over a decade.  In 1993, he urged that President Bill Clinton impose a wage and price freeze on health care….Now he recommends arm-twisting Chicago style.”[4]

“’Every favor to a constituency should be linked to support for the health-care reform agenda,’ he wrote last November 16 in the Health Care Watch Blog. ‘If the automakers want a bailout, then they and their suppliers have to agree to support and lobby for the administration’s health-reform effort.’ 

“Is that what Americans want?”[5]  Do you feel better about the sections of House Bill 3200 that deal with rationing and end-of-life counseling?  Or does your scared fluttering heart feel like going to a town hall meeting and voicing your opinion while you still have a choice?

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah 

With the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, the White House will have one more reason to ram through compulsory health insurance that will seize more freedoms and skyrocket deficits. This likelihood is one more reason to make voices of citizens stronger.  One way to do this is to propose as an alternative straightforward solutions to health care reform that will improve health care, cut costs, and reduce the deficit.  My package of reforms follow: 


  • Reduce fraud in Medicare and Medicaid
  • Amend EMTLA to give free health care to indigent Citizens only
  • Pass TORT reform

($800B/yr. wasted on fraud, defensive medicine, paperwork)[1] 

Ø      These three MUST be done if costs are to be controlled 


  • Allow interstate competition among insurance carriers
  • Eliminate government mandates of what insurance companies must cover
  • Find ways to make policies portable


  • Electronic information-sharing (records, wikis, etc.)
  • Collaborative Care (e.g.:  Theda Care in Appleton, Wisconsin)
  • Incentivize good behavior (e.g.: Safeway:  obesity, exercise, smoking)

Ø     ALL can be accomplished WITHOUT government takeover 

And let’s not stop with health care!  Once the waste and fraud are cut from health care, let’s insist that Washington start purging costs from other wasteful and inefficient government programs listed in my previous article to stop the financial hemorrhaging.  Only then will be finally get deficits down and rein in government spending.  Our children and those yet unborn deserve no less.

[1] Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.

BUDGET DEFICIT NOW $9,000,000,000,000: How much is Due to Greed and Chicanery?

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

“It should be the highest ambition of every American to extend his views beyond himself, and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country, and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world, and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn.” –George Washington

Our nation must find a way to stop its financial hemorrhaging.  Our economy cannot sustain this level of bleeding (borrowing and spending). The Obama administration raised its 10-year budget deficit projection by $2 trillion to $9 trillion.  (The national debt is already $11.7 trillion.) The White House report showed the public debt doubling by 2019 and reaching three-quarters the size of the entire national economy.  This is hard to comprehend. 

One way to understand its impact on our economy is to put it in the context of a one-dollar bill.  Fold the dollar into thirds.  Then unfold two thirds.  This represents our national debt.  Our nation cannot survive on one-third of our economic output.  The result would be horrific – not only to our generation but on “ages yet unborn”.

A book “National Suicide: How Washington is Destroying the American Dream from A to Z” by an investigative reporter, Martin Gross, to be released in September 2009, is about the outrageous expenditures that American taxpayers are forced to fund. Some payments are for programs that don’t do the job intended, others are to achieve political goals.  A few examples among the book’s revelations are:

·        $700 billion a year is spent on welfare, “amounting to $65,000 for each poor family of four, yet we still have the poor with us.”[1] 

·        “Both political parties secretly encourage illegal immigration (Democrats for votes, Republicans for cheap labor) and then reward the immigrants’ children with automatic U.S. citizenship.”[2] 

·         1,000 duplicate programs waste billions.

·        “Medicare and Medicaid waste $150 billion a year dealing with doctor and hospital fraud.”[3] 

·        “$45 billion a year is wasted on ‘improper payments’ and even more on ‘unnecessary agencies.’”[4] 

Cal Thomas writes, “This book will keep your blood pressure up and your motivation to do something about overspending high into the next election.  Publisher’s Weekly wrote in its review:  ‘A fiery A-Z compendium of government greed, chicanery and plain incompetence.  Gross enjoys a good rant, but his criticism are sound and well-supported.”[5]

A good place for Americans to start to hold Washington politicians accountable for their “greed and chicanery”, is to demand that current bills on health care reform that do nothing to stop the financial hemorrhaging must be scuttled!  Like the dollar bill illustration above, only one-third of House Bill 3200 is about health care.  The rest, according to a legislative consultant who appeared on a Fox News program, is about pet programs, totally pork!

Federal government programs are riddled with fraud as a rule.  They “are inherently vulnerable to bribery, fraud, conflicts of interest, and collusion.  There is an old adage that where there is money to be made, fraud is not far behind, like bees to honey.”[6]  This is a primary reason for Americans to insist that government “keep its hand off our health care”.  Examples of fraud in federal programs within the last year alone include:

·        The $750 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), signed by President Bush in October 2008.  Tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money will be lost to fraud” within TARP.[7] 

·        The $787 billion stimulus package passed by Congress and signed into law in February 2009.  “Estimates are that $50 billion of stimulus money will be lost to fraud.”[8]

It’s past time for Washington to start purging costs from wasteful/inefficient government programs to stop the financial hemorrhaging.  It’s not time to pass a new entitlement of a health care bill that will explode deficits. 

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WHO’S THE NEXT TAX VICTIM? Big Government is now coming for the Poor!

Monday, August 24th, 2009


By Elois Zeanah

The THUMP, THUMP, THUMP of the big foot of government is heard in the distance – again!  This time big government is coming for yet more of your money to pay for health care.  They’ve soaked the rich to where numbers of the once-rich are dwindling.  So the big bully who survives by taking from others now has to move to new territory.  THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!  The giant government will this time – get this! — tax poor people more than rich people. 

Remember the poor people who voted for President Obama because he said he would give them free health care and other freebies and tax only the rich?   THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, the giant bully is on the move.  He has to be fed.  If nationalized health insurance works for Europe, it should work for all Americans.  If Europe uses the value-added tax (VAT) to help pay for socialized medicine, what’s wrong with European-level taxes for Americans?  After all, don’t we want to be like Europe?  THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, the Obama administration is hungry.  It’s on the prowl for another victim – an unsuspecting victim would be easiest.  Its ravenous appetite makes VAT deliciously appealing. 

Not to worry about the poor seeing through this trickery.  The Value Added Tax will not be transparent.  This essentially national sales tax will tax products in every stage of the production chain from manufacturing to delivery.  THUMP, THUMP THUMP!  As the product moves from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer, the government is there to take a tax bite.  These taxes will of necessity be passed on to consumers.  Goods and services will cost more.  VAT will hit everyone, but being a regressive tax, it will burden the middle and low income more because they spend most of their income on goods and services. 

Wouldn’t this tax be contrary to what President Obama promised?  Of course!  But who’s to know?  Consumers will not blame Washington.  Washington will tell consumers to blame those greedy business people – just like those evil insurance companies are to blame for high health care prices.  The big bully is marching, but he won’t arrive until after the 2010 elections.  Can’t confuse the voters now, can we?  But we can use the time to mull more mischief as bully government lays the trap for the next victim.  You can’t blame him; he’s hungry and he’s got to be fed!  THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!   

SOCIAL SECURITY AND HEALTH CARE: “Love Your Country, But Never Trust Your Government”

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

As Thomas Jefferson stated:  Love your country but never trust your government.  Social Security and Health Care fixes have been kicked around for decades by politicians.  Fixes could be reasonable and straightforward, but that’s not government’s way.  Politicians and bureaucrats want more power and control.  To achieve these, they must take more liberty and freedom from citizens, find a way to placate special interests and campaign contributors, and then mask their agenda in humanitarian terms and misleading titles and demonize opposing viewpoints.   

Government Resists Simple, Meaningful Reforms to Expand its Power and Control

There is no reason for government to takeover health care insurance except to gain more power and control over the everyday lives of Americans.  Meaningful reforms that increase efficiencies and cut costs are possible without an overhaul of our health care system that could destroy the best health care in the world.  These will be presented in a following article. Similarly, a straightforward fix to Social Security is no mystery. 

Other countries have successfully solved their problems by personal account retirement plans.  Given the crisis in Social Security that could dwarf the crisis in health care by its impending bankruptcy, Social Security should become the latest “emergency” and take precedence over health care.   One model for a fix is Chile’s model. Chile previously had a “pay-as-you-go” Social Security system similar to the United States and suffered similar problems.

Social Security Reform in the U.S. could Follow Successful Models Elsewhere Chile’s model should be studied because of similarities with the United States.   In a March 19, 2005 Cato Letter, “Empowering People:  Chile’s Success with Social Security Privatization,” Jose’ Pinera, Chile’s former secretary of labor and social security and co-chairman of the Cato Institute’s Project on Social Security Privations, wrote:

“In 1980, the government of Chile decided to take the bull by the horns.  A government-run pension system was replaced with a revolutionary innovation:  a privately administered, mandatory system of Pension Savings Accounts.“After 16 years of operation, the results speak for themselves.  Pensions in the new private system already are 50 to 100 percent higher – depending on whether they are old-age, disability, or survivor pensions – than they were in the pay-as-you-go sytem….“The success of the Chilean private pension system has led seven other South American countries to follow suit.  Three years ago, Argentina (1994), Peru (1993), and Colombia (1994) undertook a similar reform and the new system is already working.”

Other South American countries are following.  To emulate Chile’s successful retirement program, other countries like China are studying Chile’s model  “It is possible that before entering the new millennium, several other countries, including all those in the Americas, will have privatized their pension system.  This would mean a massive redistribution of power from the state to the individual, thus enhancing personal freedom, promoting faster economic growth, and alleviating poverty, especially in old age.”

Ah, therein lies the problem. 

Government’s Appetite for Power is Never Satisfied

The powerful heartbeat within government is like the beast whose appetite is never sated.  Government wants to consume our personal freedoms with seductive freebies.  Government must make Americans dependent on government to become all powerful and all controlling.  Freebies by the government always cost consumers more in the long run (because of tax subsidies) than private industry.  At least, private industry is bound by laws, whereas government is not. 

If government had never stolen $11 trillion and counting of our FICA taxes and had secured our Social Security contributions in a trust fund, our government retirement insurance would not be near bankruptcy today.  Instead, government pulled a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Maddof who ripped off $50 billion.  Maddof gets caught and prosecuted.  Government steals over $11 trillion, gets caught and gets off without even an investigation.

There are straightforward solutions to Social Security and Health Care.  But we won’t get these unless Thomas Jefferson’s words of warning are heeded:  Love your country, but never trust your government.

WHICH IS SCARIER: To Pass ObamaCare Or Do Nothing?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

President Obama is trying to scare the public about the cost of inaction:   “Sure it’s expensive,” the President says, “but just think of how much it’ll cost if we don’t do anything!”  

ObamaCare is yet another trillion-dollar entitlement program that offers no proof that it will cure economic ills.  To the contrary, evidence suggests that ObamaCare will increase medical costs and, therefore, worsen the economy.  

It’s clear from reading the 1000-plus-page House Bill 3200 and hearing snippets of the Senate Bill that Congress is keeping secret from the public during the August recess, that the cost of doing nothing will be far superior than what’s been proposed by Democrats.   


  • is not paid for;
  • will trigger yet another trillion dollars in deficits;
  • will take freedom of choice from patients and doctors;
  • will penalize young people, seniors, and small business;
  • will financially harm physicians and hospitals by further reducing Medicare reimbursements; and
  • will strap states by increasing their costs for Medicaid. 

Now, that’s scary!  I’ll consider his “warning” an ObamaScare!   Further, there’s a far more serious catastrophe that’s looming:  the bankruptcy of Social Security in two years.

WHICH CRISIS IS MORE IMMINENT? Health Care or Social Security?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah


Social Security Will Be Bankrupt In Two Years (2012) 

Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus, at home during the Congressional recess, reported on August 19th that Social Security will be bankrupt within two years – many years before government has been reporting.  This is a crisis!  Why are the President and Congress not heralding fixing Social Security instead of overhauling a health care system that’s works well but needs tweaks?  As Congressman Bachus stated:  “If a Social Security bailout is needed it will invaribly have an impact on government health-care programs.”

 Social Security Is a Far Greater Threat than Health Care Reform In reality, only 3% of Americans don’t have access to health care who want it.   The 47 million number of uninsured Americans quoted by President Obama and Congressional Democrats is fiction.   

  • The largest uninsured group is made up of people who have access to either Medicaid or S-CHIP but choose not to take it. 
  • The next largest uninsured group is illegal aliens. 
  • The third largest group consists of people who make at least $75, 000 a year and choose not to enroll. 
  • That leaves a few million people.

ObamaCare proposes to destroy a healthcare system that works well but needs tweaks to get costs down and make it more efficient and make insurance accessible to those with pre-existing conditions.  What sense does it make to create a new system, that will have its own unknown and  unintended consequences, for the purpose of forcing 97% of Americans into a social experiment to help 3% of the population?  We should definitely tweak the healthcare system to: 

  • get rid of Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abusive medical lawsuits;
  • change federal laws that prevent interstate competition among insurance companies and choice for patients;
  • find a way to make insurance policies portable from job to job and deal with pre-existing conditions; and
  • plug loopholes in federal laws that allow illegal aliens to get free health care that causes hospitals to close and insurance premiums to rise.

But all this and other needed reforms can be done without the government taking control of our health care, putting government bureaucrats between patients and doctors, and triggering trillions more in deficits.

The Social Security Crisis Involves Greater Numbers than the Uninsured 

 “About 160 million workers are earning Social Security protection, and about 52 million people receive retirement, survivors and disability benefits from Social Security.”[1]  And approximately 77 million baby boomers are scheduled for retirement.  Far more millions of people will be impacted by the Social Security crisis than by the health care crisis. 

Furthermore, how can we trust government to manage our “health insurance” after Congress stole our “retirement insurance”?  In fact, many of the problems with our current healthcare system are caused by the government in the first place – just as problems with Social Security were caused by government not keeping promises to the pubic.

Government Broke Promises Regarding Social Security 

When the Social Security Trust Fund was created, government promised that participation in Social Security would be entirely voluntary, that payments to the “Trust Fund” would only be used to fund their Social Security retirement, and no other government program, and that annuity payments would never be taxed as income.   Every one of these promises has been broken.   

Congress confiscates our Social Security funds every month under the pretense that workers’ payroll taxes (FICA) for Social Security go into a Trust Fund for us to draw in retirement.  In truth, there is no trust fund.  Congress never set aside the trillions of dollars of surplus funds (over what is needed to pay immediate retirement benefits), but spends the cash immediately.  There is no pile of money somewhere that can be used to pay Social Security benefits – instead, it’s just a computerized ledger somewhere that says “IOU” to future Social Security recipients.  That’s it. 

To date, Congress has stolen and spent more than $11 trillion of our Social Security taxes that were supposed to be set aside in a trust fund to pay for our retirement.   In addition to raiding the Social Security Trust Fund every month, Congress continues to add costly programs under Social Security that sap money away from “retirement insurance”.  And government keeps adding liabilities to Social Security, such as giving immigrants who had never paid into the system Social Security benefits once they reach 65.      

President Obama and Congressional leaders are working on as big a hoax in their proposal for a government takeover of our private health care insurance.  And if they succeed, there will be no accountability – just as there is no accountability with the raiding of our FICA taxes. 


[1] Social Security Administration, SSA Publication No. 05-10055, August 2009, ICN 462560

HEALTH CARE: “Fishy” Statements By Obama And His Foot Soldiers

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

In response to the White House’s call for Americans to report all neighbors, family, friends and blog writers who make “fishy” comments that oppose the President’s takeover of health care, I’m turning myself in.  It seems only fair to turn the tables and report “fishy” comments that are misleading and false by President Obama and his foot soldiers.

The President and Members of Congress tell Americans what House Bill 3200 does not include; yet they admit, when pressed, that they have not read the 1,000-plus page bill.  At least Congressman Charles Rangel was honest enough to say he does not intend to read the bill because it would take two days and he still couldn’t understand what it said.  The bill, he said, would have to be interpreted by lawyers.  Well, I’ve gotten help from a law firm, Liberty Counsel, a nationwide public interest religious civil liberties law firm (available on the Internet at as well as from other expert sources.


1.  FALSE CLAIM:  Rationing will not result from ObamaCare

FACT:  Section 122, page 29, lines 4-16:  Health care will be rationed.

Section 203, page 85, line 7:  Specifications of benefit levels for plans means that the government will define your health care plan and has the ability to ration health care.

Section 1121, page 239, lines 14-24:  The government will limit and reduce physician services for Medicaid.  Seniors, low income and poor are the ones affected.

Section 1145, page 272:  Cancer patients and their treatment are open to rationing. 

Section 1156, pages 317-318, lines 21-25, 1-3:  “PROHIBITION on Expansion of Facility Capacity.”  The government will mandate that hospitals cannot expand (“number of operation rooms or beds”).  If there are 700 hospital beds and you’re number 701, your care will be rationed.

Section 1162, pages 335-339, lines 16-25:  The government mandates establishment of outcome-based measures.  Rationing!

Section 13-8, pages 494-498:  The government will cover Mental Health Services including defining, creating and rationing those services. 

2. FALSE CLAIM:  Americans can keep their current insurance plans.

FACT:  Section 1162, page 341, lines 3-9:  The government has authority to disqualify Medicare Advantage Plans (Part B), HMOs, etc.  This will force people into a government plan.  Of the 170 million Americans who have private health insurance, up to 119 million could lose their coverage, according to a report by The Lewin Group, “The Cost and Coverage Impacts of a Public Plan,” dated April 6, 2009.  Obama and his health advisors are on record as saying that a public option is a Trojan horse for a single-payer plan.

3. FALSE CLAIM:  House Bill 3200 does not include “end-of-life counseling”.

FACT:  Section 1233, page 425, lines 4-12:  Government mandates Advance (Death) Care Planning consultation.  Think Senior Citizens and end of life.  Some in the administration have already discussed rationing health care for the elderly.

 Section 1233, page 425, lines 17-19:  Government WILL instruct and consult regarding living wills and durable powers of attorney.  Mandatory end-of-life planning!

Section 1233, pages 425-426, lines 22-25, 1-3:  Government provides approved list of end-of-life resources, guiding you in death.

Section 1233, page 427, lines 15-24:  Government mandates program for orders for life-sustaining treatment (i.e. end of life).  The government has a say in how your life ends.

Section 1233, page 429, lines 1-9:  An “advanced care planning consult” will be used as patient’s health deteriorates.

Section 1233, page 429, lines 10-12:  The government will specify which Doctors (professional authority under state law includes Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants) can write an end-of-life order.

4. FALSE CLAIM:  A public plan will offer choice.

FACT:  Section 205, page 95, lines 8-18:  The government will use groups (i.e. ACORN and AmeriCorps) to “inform and educate” (sign up) individuals for government plans.

Section 205, page 102, lines 12-18:  Medicaid-eligible individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid.  No freedom of choice.

 Section 312, page 145, lines 15-17:  Employers MUST auto-enroll employees into public option plan.

If the intent is to offer Americans a real choice, government would either (1) enroll themselves under the same health care insurance they force Americans on, or (2) offer consumers the same insurance that’s available to them.  If Members of Congress refuse to be covered by the same insurance plan, how can we trust their plan for us?

 5. FALSE CLAIM:  Illegal aliens are not included in ObamaCare.

FACT:  Section 152, pages 50-51:  Health care will be provided to ALL NON-US CITIZENS.

Section 59B, page 170, line 1:  Any NON-RESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes.  (Americans will pay for their health care.)  Of the 46 million “Americans” Obama claims are uninsured, approximately 11 million are illegal aliens.

6. FALSE CLAIM:  It’s necessary to restructure our health care system to erase budget deficits.

FACT:  ObamaCare will only increase budget deficits.  The Congressional Budget Office makes this clear.  Government has a lousy track record for running up deficits.

7. FALSE CLAIM:  ObamaCare will lower costs.

FACT:  House Bill 3200 raises costs by $1.5 trillion the first 10 years, and these costs increase in out-years.  Further, the cost to socialize American medicine is paid largely by increasing taxes, taking $500 billion from Medicare, and decreasing Medicaid benefits.  The claim of “savings” and “lowered costs” is a shell game and simply shifts costs to private payers.

8. FALSE CLAIM:  Medicare is an example of how ObamaCare will control costs.

FACT:  Medicare and Medicaid pay only part of the bill to hospitals and doctors, creating a “hidden tax” for the rest of us.  Right now the average American worker pays $1800 more for health care per family because Medicare and Medicaid don’t cover costs of treatment.  Medicare does not control costs.  Nor does Medicare manage fraud:  15-18% of Medicare costs are due to fraud, whereas fraud consumes less than 1% of private insurance costs.  How can politicians claim Medicare controls costs when it has $38 trillion in unfunded liabilities?

9. FALSE CLAIM:  A public option will offer competition.

FACT:  With a public plan, the government would set the rules, be the umpire, and be a player.  There’s definitely something “fishy” about this claim!

 The President and Democrat Members of Congress deny the above.  Tell them to: “READ THE BILL!”