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Monday, April 20th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah


On April 20, 2009, President Obama announced that he would ask his Administration to find ways to cut his budget of $3.5 trillion by $100 million.  Did he misspeak?  Could Obama have meant $100 billion?  After all, the interest alone on Obama’s stimulus package will be $95 million EVERY DAY!   These cuts, the President stated, will set a “new tone” in Washington.  How’s that, Mr. President, when your budget adds trillions to the debt?  As a candidate, you condemned the deficits of your predecessor, but your spending has multiplied his four times.

          But I want to take our President at his word.  If he is serious about cutting $100 million (surely he meant $100 billion) from his budget, let’s offer a few quick tips.  They’re easy!

TIP ONE:  Stop the Illegal Child Tax Credit to Foreign Workers and Aliens and Save Billions 

To begin, President Obama should tell the IRS to stop giving foreign workers and illegal immigrants a $1000 child tax credit.  This improper IRS action has cost taxpayers $7 billion in child tax credits from 2004 to 2007.   This one is easy enough for his Treasurer Secretary Tim Geithner to figure out.  This one fix alone could save much more than $100 million (or was it $100 billion?) a year.  This improper IRS action, like sanctuary cities, contradicts federal law and policy to remove incentives for illegal immigration.

TIP TWO:  Cut Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities and Save Billions 

Speaking of sanctuary cities, hey, there’s another tip.  Sanctuary cities are illegal:  they violate immigration law.  Obama likes to issue Executive Orders.   Unlike his many other Executive Orders that just reversed  policies of his predecessor that Obama disagreed with in ideology, this Executive Order would save at least tens of billions of dollars a year.  Obama should immediately issue an Executive Order to cut off federal funds to all cities that are sanctuary cities.  What’s more simple than signing his name to this Executive Order to save billions?

TIP THREE:  Mandate E-Verify and Save Hundreds of Billions of Dollars 

And while we’re on the subject of costs for illegal immigration, here’s a tip that’s quick and easy and would curb illegal immigration almost immediately.  Back E-Verify. Obama wouldn’t even have to secure our border.  I’m sure he didn’t purposely exclude building the project-ready border fence mandated by Congress in his stimulus package.  Here’s a way to make up for that oversight.  I’m sure it was an oversight since Obama promised during his campaign to secure our borders.  This tip would create jobs, stimulate the economy, and give him more than the $100 million (or is it $100 billion) he wants to cut from his budget.

               E-Verify would shut down renegade businesses and stop tax fraud.  That would help cut down on Tim Geithner’s police work and help him boost the economy overnight.  E-Verify would cut illegal immigration, cut costs, and cut the need for higher taxes.   How often can the President fix three problems with just one simple act?  E-Verify is the federal government program that helps business check the status of new workers.  It’s practically free, fast, and 99.5% accurate.   States that have mandated E-Verify for new workers prove that illegal aliens avoid, even leave states that have E-Verify.  

                There!  With these three tips and three phone calls, the President could cut many times the $100 million (I keep misspeaking: the $100 billion) that he wants his Administration to find and cut from his budget.   Simultaneously the President would achieve another principle he’s advocated many times, including on April 20 (the same day he announced he wanted to cut $100 million — that is, surely, $100 billion–  from his budget).  That principle is the rule of law. 

               After the President has placed those three phone calls and implemented these three tips, there is one other tip that would take a while longer — but with the President’s pledge to cut Bush’s deficits in half, he needs to start thinking long term.  Here’s a final tip:

TIP FOUR:  End Automatic Birth Citizenship for Chidren Born to Non-Citizens

            If President wants to cut deficits long term and stop stealing from our children to pay for the bailouts and his bigger government, he could lead Congress to get rid of the welfare magnet that attracts illegal immigrants.  E-Verify would help get rid of the jobs magnet.  But the welfare magnet requires legislation to end automatic citizenship for babies born to non-citizens.  Other countries banned automatic citizenship years ago to protect their economy.  If the President would like more information on this, he can find it on this website.

            Mr. President, you have called on other countries to lead.  Here is one instance where other countries are way out in front of the United States.  This is your chance to follow other countries since you seem to want to do that so badly and keep apologizing for  U.S. leadership.  The Heritage Foundation estimates that taxpayers pay $90 billion every year to illegal alien households for welfare, and hundreds of billions more for other free services used by illegal immigrants.  This is a meaningful opportunity to prove the the United States will listen and will follow good leadership of other countries.  It will also reap a reward that feels like winning the lottery.  What’s a one-time $100 MILLION saving compared to hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars saving every year? 

            You’re welcome, Mr. President.


Saturday, April 18th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah



Are you fed up with taxes?  Wanna do something about it? 


               Vice President Joe Biden said paying more taxes is patriotic.  Do you agree? Thomas Paine would not.  The highest form of patriotism, Paine said, is dissent.  So why is the liberal media and the Congress so upset about tea parties?

               We have a lot to protest.  For one, Administration officials who don’t pay their taxes want you to pay more.  Part of our protest is that politicians not only take our money but steal our children’s – not to give them or us a better life, but to buy votes and spread our wealth.  Is that the American way?

               We were upset with out-of-control spending under President Bush.  Now spending under President Obama, who condemned Bush deficits, has increased four times over Bush.  And that’s just the beginning.  Like Bush before him, Obama wants taxpayers to buy amnesty for those who broke our laws and entered our country illegally.

               Today, without amnesty, according to the Heritage Foundation, taxpayers pay $90 billion dollars every year just to buy welfare for illegal immigrants.  With amnesty, taxpayers will pay an additional trillion dollars every year for welfare and another half-trillion dollars in social security for immigrants’ parents and grandparents.  Can you afford this?  Can your children?

               In short, illegal immigration is a tax issue.  We cannot fix our economy unless something is done about illegal immigration.  Illegal immigration is very costly.  Yet the cost of immigration is ignored in debates about the economic crisis and amnesty. 


To put the problem of illegal immigration and related taxes in perspective, immigration today is different from the time of our ancestors.  Historically, immigrants were LESS likely to receive welfare than Americans, and LESS likely to stay on welfare for life.  But this changed about thirty years ago.  Today, most illegal aliens are MORE likely to need welfare, and MORE likely to stay on welfare for life, creating a net deficit for our economy – and higher taxes for you.

               So why would Obama and the Democrat Congress push amnesty, import poverty, and force higher taxes – especially during an economic crisis, high unemployment, and when millions of U.S. citizens live in poverty and need help?  To quote Cal Thomas in his article on April 15th, government wants “to pry more of our money from us so that they can finish creating a dependency culture from which we’ll never escape.”  Is this the American way?  Creating an entitlement society which Americans cannot reverse takes power from We The People and gives it to Big Government.  Is this the America we know?  Is this the America we want?

                 Illegal immigration equals more taxes.  Illegal immigration is a huge contributor to budget shortfalls and higher taxes not only in Washington, D.C. but in states.  Who’s to blame?  Legislators.  Politicians bankrupt education, Medicaid, and other social problems by their refusal to require E-Verify.

               What is E-Verify?  E-Verify is a federal Internet program that helps businesses verify citizenship status of new workers.  It is practically free, fast, and 99% accurate.  Studies show that illegal aliens avoid, even leave states that require E-Verify.  So why did Bush and now Obama continue to put off the requirement that all federal contractors must require E-Verify?   Why would all state legislators not require businesses to use E-Verify?

               Politicians know that E-Verify is the simplest and fastest way to stop unlawful businesses putting lawful businesses and citizen-workers at a disadvantage.  Politicians know that E-Verify would immediately reduce illegal immigration, reduce spending, and reduce the need for more taxes.  But politicians will continue to wink at renegade businesses and do nothing about illegal immigration unless voters understand that politicians intend to trap taxpayers. Illegal immigration (and amnesty) will chain U.S. citizens to a dependency society.  Once the majority of voters depend on government to take care of them, and government demands a majority of our earnings to spread our wealth, how can we escape our shackles?   

               If you’re tired of over-spending and over-taxation, you can do something about it.  Insist that your Washington and state legislators mandate E-Verify!  Tell the President, Congress, and State Legislators to cut spending and cut taxes with one act:  cut illegal immigration.  Ask them to mandate that all businesses use E-Verify – before it’s too late!   And, importantly, tea parties must not be a one-day event but must continue.  Don’t stop dissent.  Show your patriotism and send a message to politicians that you’re mad and you’re not going to take their sleight-of-hand tricks any more.  Dissent scares them.   Scaring them that they might lose their jobs is the only way to do something about the failure to communicate.  They’re hoping that tax day tea parties was a one-time novelty.  Let’s keep the communication going to make our message crystal clear.