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THE STIMULUS BILL: The Democrats’ Hidden Agenda

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

 By Elois Zeanah

Democrats Act like the Economic Crisis is Carnival 

 Are you shocked that in a time of financial crisis, when government should tighten its belt, Democrats spend like they just won the lottery?  Our nation doesn’t have a dime to spend on the new Democrat programs that cost a trillion dollars without stealing from our children, yet Democrats act like the economic crisis is Carnival.  They throw money to political backers as if taxes were trinkets. The revelations of what Democrats have done in just 30 days are dizzying and go on and on, but I’ll give just one shocking example.    

The Stimulus Bill Gives Jobs to Illegal Workers 

To ensure that illegal aliens can be chosen over Americans, Democrats stripped Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions’ amendment to require E-Verify in the Stimulus bill.  E-Verify, as you know, is the federal Internet program that’s offered to businesses on a voluntary basis to verify the citizenship of workers.  It’s free, fast, and 99.8% accurate.   

Businesses that commit tax fraud and hire cheap illegal labor have put American workers and lawful businesses at a disadvantage for years.  They have long used the excuse that they can’t identify fake Social Security numbers, and that it is too costly to do background checks. It’s not their job, they say, but government’s, to weed out illegal workers from the workforce.   

Well, government now does that with E-Verify. Businesses no longer have an excuse to hire illegal workers.  But renegade businesses will continue to commit tax fraud unless we as voters know the truth about E-Verify.  It’s up to voters to demand that politicians make E-Verify mandatory – at the federal and state levels.   

Why would Democrats want to give jobs in the stimulus bill to illegal aliens instead of Americans? 

It’s all part of a plan to use illegal immigration to grab power and to perpetuate Democrat rule.  To make sense of all this, it’s important to know what drives Democrats and how they get votes in the first place. The primary way Democrats get power is to hook poor people on welfare and make them dependent on government for life.    

Ronald Reagan explained it well in 1981 when he told the NAACP why poor blacks are trapped in a poverty cycle they can’t escape, and why welfare programs don’t pull the poor out of poverty into prosperity.   Reagan stated:  “Many in Washington over the years have been more dedicated to making needy people government dependent, rather than independent.”  The bottom line is that Democrats want a one-party system.  Democrats want to add illegal aliens to their bloc of black voters who depend on government welfare to achieve this.   

It may surprise you that taxpayers today pay $90 billion every year on welfare for illegal aliens.[1]   If amnesty passes, analysts estimate that the cost for welfare to these immigrants will cost taxpayers an additional $1 trillion a year.  This expense to taxpayers will become a permanent annual expense. 

Bailout Plans for Housing, Welfare, and Health Care Include Illegal Aliens 

Why do Democrats want to give jobs in the stimulus package to illegal aliens?   Why do Democrats want to give illegal aliens citizenship since this will cost taxpayers an additional $1 trillion a year?  Why do Democrats include illegal aliens in the bailout plans for housing, welfare, and health care?  The answer to all questions is the same: Democrats want nothing more than to gain absolute power.

Democrats have managed to victimize poor blacks – under the pretense of helping them — to gain power.  If a majority of blacks did not vote for Democrats, Democrats could not be elected.  Understand this and a lot falls into place.   If Democrats can now legalize and victimize poor immigrants, they will have a voting bloc of over 50%. This will give Democrats absolute power.  So illegal immigration is the link in the chain Democrats need to complete their power grab.[2]   

Democrats are using the Economic Crisis and the Immigration Crisis for Partisan Power  

What can voters do about it?  Voters must demand that the U.S. Congress and State Legislators mandate that all businesses use E-Verify.  Voters want fiscal responsibility.   The costs for illegal immigration are unsustainable. 

It is Washington and State legislators who are bankrupting education, social programs, and health care – by doing nothing about illegal immigration.  Illegal immigration is very costly.  Yet the cost of illegal immigration is ignored in the debates about what to do about the economic crisis.  The federal and state budgets had shortfalls before the national economic crisis that evolved from subprime housing mortgages.  Costs for illegal immigration contribute mightily to funding shortfalls in education, social programs, and health care.  And costs for illegal immigration will further deepen the economic crisis.  Politicians at the federal and state levels could cut costs in all these programs immediately by one act:  cut illegal immigration. 

It’s time that government returns to fiscal responsibility, and the rule of law. As William Pitt the Elder in 1770[3] warned about unlimited power:  “…where laws end, tyranny begins.”   Returning to the rule of law and fiscal responsibility is the answer to our fiscal problems, not the answer that Obama continues to send which is:  Give more money!

[1] Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation, October 29, 2006 on CNN:

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies[1] reveals that government today spends over $300 billion each year on welfare for Mexican households[1] — both legal and illegal.  I mentioned earlier that taxpayers pay $90 billion each year on just welfare for ILLEGAL aliens.  So to round it off, taxpayers pay about $200 billion a year on legal Mexican households.  Undoubtedly, many if not most of the legal Mexican households are a result of anchor babies and amnesty 20 years ago. If Congress passes amnesty again, we’re told this $300 billion per year cost for welfare on Mexican households could skyrocket to nearly a trillion dollars every year.   

[2] In a recent article titled:  “Stimulus package masks dems’ socialist agenda”,[2] Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, states the goal of the bill, is to spread the wealth, not revive the economy.  And journalist Cal Thomas adds:  The stimulus bill will add to the growing number of people dependent on government and, thus politicians, who never show them the way out of poverty, but give them only enough money to sustain them in poverty, will then tell them if they don’t vote for Democrats, those nasty Republicans will take your checks away.” 

[3] “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where laws end, tyranny begins.”