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WHICH IS SCARIER: To Pass ObamaCare Or Do Nothing?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

By Elois Zeanah

President Obama is trying to scare the public about the cost of inaction:   “Sure it’s expensive,” the President says, “but just think of how much it’ll cost if we don’t do anything!”  

ObamaCare is yet another trillion-dollar entitlement program that offers no proof that it will cure economic ills.  To the contrary, evidence suggests that ObamaCare will increase medical costs and, therefore, worsen the economy.  

It’s clear from reading the 1000-plus-page House Bill 3200 and hearing snippets of the Senate Bill that Congress is keeping secret from the public during the August recess, that the cost of doing nothing will be far superior than what’s been proposed by Democrats.   


  • is not paid for;
  • will trigger yet another trillion dollars in deficits;
  • will take freedom of choice from patients and doctors;
  • will penalize young people, seniors, and small business;
  • will financially harm physicians and hospitals by further reducing Medicare reimbursements; and
  • will strap states by increasing their costs for Medicaid. 

Now, that’s scary!  I’ll consider his “warning” an ObamaScare!   Further, there’s a far more serious catastrophe that’s looming:  the bankruptcy of Social Security in two years.