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Is ObamaCare A “Free Gift” Trinket for the Masquerade Party?

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

By Elois Zeanah

Like a masked Mardi Gras reveler on a lavishly decorated, dream-like float, President Obama takes his show to the streets this week to whoop up ObamaCare – again!  The public didn’t line the streets to catch free trinkets he was throwing the first time around. This time will be different, Obama says.  People just didn’t understand what prizes they would receive from this extravaganza that will cost nearly $1 trillion.   Obama feels certain he can drum up a crowd to join the uproarious party he and fellow congress members have ordered for their pleasure – this time! 

Remember when House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi screamed in delight about the surprises citizens would find inside the 2,000-plus page health care law – but they had to pass it before they could find out the wonderful gifts in store for them?   Well, the law passed and the public was finally able to break apart this piñata “gift package.”  But alas instead of gifts gushing forth that spur squeals of delight, IOUs rushed like a flood over heads of taxpayers, washing away all pretense of the faux show.

Who are these jesters that joke so?  Some are the hired actors by Obama and his Party leaders  to masquerade as fans.  Remember the buy-offs of congressmen?  Only with cash for votes in their pockets would these legislators put on disguises to join the Carnival as puppet performers.  Others are media members who “invested” in Obama and continue to prop him up to protect their “investment” in his ideology.

Will Obama succeed this time, six months after ObamaCare passed?   According to Rasmussen Reports, Gallup and CNN, between 56% and 61% of voters reject the set design and props of the Masquerade.  But Obama believes that once the public fully understand what free trinkets he’s throwing, the public will rally and line the streets, unlike last time, with trumpets of praise and merrymaking and forget that his health care reform threatens the best health care system in the world and whacks away at capitalism.  

 All it takes, Obama believes, is for voters to get the sweet taste of freebies that roll out this week and voters won’t care that ObamaCare raises not lowers health care costs as he promised; that punitive employer mandates, exploding spending estimates, fewer doctors, fewer jobs, and burdensome regulatory compliance will thwart the nation’s economic recovery not throttle it as he promised.[1]

Careful to remove all price tags from these so-called “free gifts”, Obama and his media clowns are as strangely silent as mimes about who pays for his $1 trillion takeover of the health care industry.  His health care trinkets aren’t free.  Many insurance holders will pay $5,000 to $9,000 a year more to make up for lost benefits.[2]   The very people ObamaCare was supposed to help – predominantly low-income households and minorities – will have trouble paying their medical bills.  This includes seniors and the disabled.  And according to a report published in April by the White House Medicare Office of the Actuary, “about 7.4 million people who would have been enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in 2017 will lose their coverage completely.  Those who are able to retain their coverage will lose significant benefits.”[3]

Most masquerades are humorous.  The only stand up comedy in the ObamaCare masquerade is that the very actors they hired took their money, then peeled off their disguises and departed the false show as quick as a thief to put distance between ObamaCare and their congressional races.   Now desperate to keep his congressional majority from whittling beyond control, Obama is now reaching out to churches to preach the deception of ObamaCare that he can’t sell.  Now that’s scary and it’s not funny!

[1] The Heritage Foundation:  “Six Months Closer to Repeal,” by Conn Carroll, September 23, 2010

[2][2] Wall Street Journal Editorial “How Seniors Will Pay for ObamaCare” by John C. Goodman,

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Should Congress Pay $35 Billion More to Expand SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program)?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

By Elois Zeanah

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Democrats in Congress are fighting the President to expand children’s health care by $35 billion.

Before government pays $35 billion more to expand any health care program, it should: (1) Make sure that government can afford it, and (2) Look for ways to cut costs of other health care programs that are not helping American families.  For example, American taxpayers pay billions of dollars every year to pay medical costs of foreigners.  


Any foreigner can fly into the U.S., admit themselves through a hospital’s emergency care program, get the best care

America can offer at 0 cost, and then fly home.  And they do.  American taxpayers spend billions of dollars every year for foreigners to fly in/fly out to receive free medical care.


Any person who is in our country illegally gets free medical care at hospitals.  The only requirement is to walk in and request it.  They don’t have to show any documentation; they don’t have to prove they are unable to pay.  Does a U.S. citizen have the same right?  No!  American citizens must present insurance coverage and if they don’t have insurance, they must prove they are indigent or they will be sued for costs. 

Is this right?  Is this good government?  What does this do to our federal deficit and the value of the weakened dollar because the federal government has failed to keep spending under control? 

If Congress wants to expand free health care for citizens, shouldn’t Congress first close the loopholes and stop giving foreigners and illegal aliens free medical care that citizens who pay for these free services can’t get themselves?